The King

The King


If there is an animal that really makes an impression in nature it is the lion. They are the kings, at the top of the chain, and they know it. They all look without interest, with indolence, even towards men who have travelled miles to observe them.

My first lion was during a safari in the Serengeti. I remember him as if it were now: the sun was setting behind the hills and tinged with orange across the endless plains. In front of the sun, with the mane lit up like a magical aura, the King was sitting in the grass that had the same color as her. 

Gold was everywhere. In this portrait I wanted to include that gold, that even after many years, is reflected magical and shining in my memory.

Artwork Available For Sale

  • Open Edition Print, Paper: 50x50 cm - 200 euro
  • Contact the artist for the shipping fees


  • Artist: Stefano Zagaglia
  • Subject: African Lion
  • Medium: Oil
  • Original Size: 80x80 cm
  • Percentage to Conservation: 40%



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