'Nyango' ~ Cross River Gorilla

'Nyango' ~ Cross River Gorilla


"Cross River Gorillas are shy inhabitants of densely vegetated tropical forests. Beautiful Nyango is living as an ambassador of her species in Limbe Wildlife Center, a primate rescue and rehabilitation facility in Cameroon. For myself, as an artist, to be able to study and sketch her in these local settings was awe-inspiring.

She truly is what her name Nyango implies, a Mother or Queen, well deserving this first ever portrait painting of her species. Often she is spotted sitting on a tree branch, staring at the mountains in the distance, as though yearning for a life and home not so far away. The call of the jungle?"

The Cross River Gorilla is Africa's most endangered primate and one of the world's 25 most endangered primate species. There are currently just 250-300 individuals still present in the wild.

The Artists For Conservation Flag Expedition** we undertook to the highland rainforests of south west Cameroon, in November 2007, has been an amazing experience. It's a true circle of life. Only by supporting the local people we can save the Cross River gorillas.

80% of funds raised through this painting will be used for field projects in South West Cameroon, including establishment of new protected areas, training of local wildlife rangers, as well as community development and education.

**The AFC Flag Expeditions Program is a unique program established and operated by the Artists For Conservation Foundation™ (AFC), making possible the artistic field study and rendering of species or habitats deserving of greater public attention. There is a strong emphasis on the study of unique, threatened habitats, and rare or endangered species in remote parts of the world.

Artwork Available For Sale

  • Open Edition Print, Paper: 19 1/2 x 30'' - US$195
  • Open Edition Print, Canvas: 19 1/2 x 30'' - US$235


  • Subject: Cross River Gorilla
  • Medium:
  • Percentage to Conservation: 80%



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