Raising a Little Dust

Raising a Little Dust


This young bull elephant will be raising a little dust and spooking a couple of cattle egrets while he displays some juvenile might.

Both male and female African elephants have tusks. Tusks grow for most of an elephant's lifetime and are an indicator of age. Elephants are "right- or left-tusked," using the favored tusk more often as a tool, thus, shortening it from constant wear. Tusks will differ in size, shape and direction; researchers use them (and the elephant's ears) to identify individuals.  The African elephant's ears are over twice as large as the Asian elephant's and have a different shape, often described as similar to a map of Africa. The nicks, tears and scars as well as different vein patterns on the ears help distinguish between individuals. Elephants use their ears to display, signal or warn when alarmed or angry, they spread the ears, bringing them forward and fully extending them.

This young bull is just showing off a bit.  I included a couple of cattle egrets taking flight in the foreground to juxtapose this massive land animal against the graceful and fragile bird.  ~Kathryn

Artwork Available For Sale

  • Open Edition Print, Paper: 27 x 24 inch - US$250
  • Open Edition Print, Canvas: 27 x 24 inch - US$300
  • Open Edition Print, 54 x 48 inch - Contact the Artist for Quote
  • Original Oil on Linen, 54 x 48 inch - US$8500


  • Artist: Kathryn Weisberg
  • Subject: African Elephant
  • Medium:
  • Percentage to Conservation: 70%



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