'Red Tranquillity' - African Elephant Painting

'Red Tranquillity' - African Elephant Painting


African elephants embody the very essence and wonder of the African wilderness. Gentle and intelligent giants, with a rich family life, seeming to direct us to a long lost past when great beasts once roamed our earth in forgotten eons. Their presence is a rich inheritance that we can enjoy on our incredibly diverse planet. I have painted this intimate, intense portrait of an African elephant, covered with the glowing red dust of the Northern Tanzanian savanna, to portray their plight.

Unhurriedly chewing grass in a dreamy, contemplative pace in warm late afternoon light. Chewing over the 'blind people and the elephant'? How dreadful to even consider these magnificent creatures as an endangered species.

A great joy to paint in the crevasses and shadows of the elephant's face, mixing it all with a dusty feel. Painting in acrylics allows me to breath life into the work with drying time allowing instant focus on my next stroke of the brush, without loosing the power of 'the flow'.

Artwork Available For Sale

  • Open Edition Print, Paper: 15 x 24'' US$165
  • Open Edition Print, Canvas: 15 x 24'' US$205


  • Subject: African elephant
  • Medium:
  • Percentage to Conservation: 80%



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