Endemic to Africa, the Secretary bird hunts for lizards and snakes in the open grasslands and savannah of the sub-Sahara. It is the only bird of prey predominantly terrestrial habits, they may walk up to 20 miles in a day. Standing up to 4ft tall, it has very long legs, with black feathered thighs. It has a grey body, black feathers & white wing linings, its tail has two black central streamers. Its most distinctive feature are the 20 black crest feathers, resembling quill pens.

The most recent understanding of the name Secretarybird, is that it is a corruption of the Arabic Saqu Ettair meaning "hunter-bird", which passed, incorrectly, into French as secrétaire & was subsequently translated into English as secretary.

Secretarybirds will usually mate for life. Once paired, they will usually remain very close, rarely being out of each other's sight, though they will hunt in different areas. Both birds share the nesting responsibilities.

Because of its gregarious and flamboyant behavior, I have painted this beautiful bird in a regal stance in full display.

~ Kathryn

Artwork Available For Sale

  • Open Edition Print, Paper: 14 x 18 inch - US$150
  • Open Editon Print, Canvas: 14 x 18 inch - US$175
  • Original Oil on Linen, 24 x 30 inch - US$2550


  • Artist: Kathryn Weisberg
  • Subject: Secretarybird
  • Medium:
  • Percentage to Conservation: 80%





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