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African Lioness

If the tiger needs his stripes to hide in the forest, the lion’s tan-coloured fur is uniquely suited to blending with the grass of the African plains. The lioness is the primary hunter in the pride and they usually go out in groups of four or more. 

I want to make this lioness symbolic of the blending with her natural environment and may add one or two other lionesses and possibly a large herd of zebra in the distant background.  I want you to feel her breathing and the incredible strength she displays even when relaxed. She is acutely aware of everything in her surroundings. 

Since lions do not normally hunt during the day, this lioness and her sisters will just be testing the air, resting and watching the herd.  Even then, it is thought that a small group will make a kill only once out of a dozen attempts.  Large prides fair considerably better.  I have placed a few Zebra in the tall grasslands of the background.  The lionesses are down wind and waiting for nightfall.

Lions to me epitomize Africa, especially the plains. Their stealth and cunning is legendary and they are truly remarkable, intelligent beings that ensure the health of the African herd species. 

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Kathryn Weisberg

Kathryn Weisberg

Kathryn Weisberg has been painting Wildlife and Endangered Species for over 30 years. She is known for the dignity and soulful perspective of her subjects. After years painting highly realistic images in acrylic, Kathryn returned to her favorite medium of oil which she says allows her the freedom to be more expressive and impressionistic in her of animals.

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